Art Computer Lab Machine Upgrade

Let's Get Together!

      The students of Parkdale Elementary School have been provided an opportunity to learn and develop social skills through game play and interaction with each other through a $9660 grant for playground equipment and games.

     Through play, they will have positive ways to make friends and learn social rules such as give and take, cooperation, and sharing.  This project will also work to reduce the number of bullying incidents during recreation.

    Let's Get Together will transform children's minds, bodies and spirits through play.  The social skills developed through game play and interaction are crucial to the overall development of a child.

     The East Aurora High School art students were the beneficiaries of an upgrade to the High School art lab computers which will allow them to efficiently edit and process large media files.

   The $11,395 grant supplied new Apple computers necessary to maintain the unique, enriching and cutting edge experiences with which the students are engaged in their Video Study and Editing, Animation and Cartooning and Film Academy courses.

Students will develop an understanding of the personal and cultural forces that shape artistic communication and of how the arts, in turn, shaped the diverse cultures of the past, as well as the present. They will learn about society through internet research, discussion, and visual explorations of challenges and incorporate this information into their visual statements.

Recent Grants Awarded

   Through the efforts of the Imagine the Possibilities Campaign Committee, $100,000 was raised to equip STEAM labs in the Parkdale Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

      The students will have access to the tools they need to grow their intelligence, knowledge and critical thinking skills.  The STEAM approach to learning provides students with multiple methods to seek answers to a problem.

      Some of the purchases made possible by this grant are: 3D Doodler Pens, MakerBot replicators, interactive monitors, laser engravers, a large scale CNC router, plasma cutter, wood mill and laser engraver.

Enhancing Education For Our Students


     Since its inception, the East Aurora Educational Foundation has awarded more than $850,000 in grant funding to support educational opportunities beyond the scope of the district's operating budget.  Each project has enriched the curriculum and has significantly impacted the education of our students.  

     In addition to grants funded, the foundation also provides two $500 student awards at high school graduation.  The Jennifer Evereth Memorial Award is given to a student who excels in the arts or music.  The James Ford Memorial Award is given to a student who excels in mathematics or science.  Students are selected by a committee made up of high school teachers and administrators.

STEAM Labs In All District Schools